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Greek Jewish leaders interviewed on Golden Dawn Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:07
Under the title “Alert in the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece – The dark face of Nazism scares the Jews”, Saturdays’ edition of the mainstream paper ETHNOS (Sept. 7, 2013) published an article on the concerns of Greek Jews about the rise of popularity of the Golden Dawn party. The article was inspired by a transmission on the same theme broadcasted by the National Public Radio (Sept. 4, 2013). 

In his interview in “Ethnos” the President of the Central Board of Jewish Communities Benjamin Albalas pointed out the following:
“It is the first time since the Holocaust that the Greek Jewry feels the threat of such a party which also has parliamentary representation. For those of us who lost grandfathers and grandmothers in the concentration camps, it is very frustrating to hear that Holocaust never happened. People are worried about the future. We are worried and stay in alert to see how the situation will evolve”.

The General Secretary of the Central Board of Jewish Communities Victor Eliezer stressed the following:
“People feel threatened but so far do not live in the age of fear. We are threatened but not afraid. Whenever violence in exercised against an immigrant, it is in the same time directed against any Jew, any Roma, any democratic citizen.
Every Greek Jew is upset by the phenomenon of Golden Dawn because it expresses racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism. It is a political party that through its ideology preaches hatred against people that are different. We have greatly suffered in the past because we were considered to be different, thus, such ideologies upset us, make us feel outraged and stimulate us to fight against them”.
“Silence is the major ally of Nazism and Fascism. For instance, identification controls during food hand-outs supplied by Golden Dawn remind of relevant Nazi practices.
In the pre-War Germany, an entire population remained indifferent when the Nazis burnt Synagogues and shops during ‘Kristallnacht’. They remained silent when the Nazis deported their political opponents, when millions of people were deported to the concentration camps. This is why we must not remain silent to the phenomenon of Golden Dawn. We expect the Greek State together with all the democratic forces of the country to agree upon a strong and effective antiracism law”, Victor Eliezer concluded.
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