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Monday, 16 February 2015 13:50

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece strongly condemns the terror attacks in Copenhagen that once more targeted the freedom of speech and the Jews alike.

The Greek Jewry expresses its outrage and sorrow over the fact that innocent people, among whom our coreligionists, have once again been the victims of fanaticism, bigotry and anti-Semitism.

The policy of the rhetoric condemnation of such phenomena by itself does  not provide either sufficient or efficient confrontation of the issue. The State, the Church, the Institutions and the social factors in our country have the moral obligation to undertake coordinated and multy-faced efforts which must combine measures for the immediate prevention with long-term projects. To this end we stress the important role of Education and Culture.


In the same spirit the Greek Jewry expresses its repudiation for the barbaric assassination of 21 Egyptian Christians beheaded by the Jihadists of the Islamic State in Libya.

The international Community has to put an end to the outburst of irrational violence launched against innocent people regardless of their skin colour, ethnic origins or religion, and furthermore to safeguard the core value of our civilization, the value of life, from the threatening powers of hatred, terror and ongoing bloodshed.

Athens, February 16, 2015

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

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