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Victor Eliezer’s comment on Palestinian ambassador’s reaction to his article on the “Terrorism of the Knives” Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 February 2016 11:34

In a letter published on the mainstream paper ‘Kathimerini’ (on February 2, 2016) the Ambassador of Palestinian Authority to Greece Marwan Toubassi strongly criticized Victor Eliezer’s article (published on ‘Kathimerini’ of November 11, 2015), entitled “Terrorism of the knives”, referring to the deadly attacks against Jewish Israelis in Israel.
In his letter, the Palestinian Ambassador accused Victor Eliezer of “embellishing the image of the occupying State of Israel” and that his article includes “a series of inaccurate and false statements”.

In reaction to the ambassador’s letter, Victor Eliezer posted the following comment on fb which was also sent to ‘Katimerini’ for publication:
“The truth worried the ambassador whose unfortunate to lack of arguments led him to insults against me, distortion of my viewpoints, and most importantly to an unprecedented hate preaching of cheap propaganda.  According to Mr. Toubassi the killers with knives are considered as “frustrated youngsters” who “get shot because they made a suspicious move such as putting their hand in their pocket” and those attacking bus stops are seen as “drivers who lost control of their vehicles”. This is the ambassador’s perception of peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians. It’s a pity!

Finally, Mr. Toubassi carefully avoided to comment on the conclusion of my article which reads: “the ongoing bloodshed ultimately reinforces the extremists. Yet the bloodshed can be stopped only through a political agreement, with the achievement of a just and lasting peace that will provide for the creation of an independent Palestinian State for the Palestinians and will ensure the existence of the State of Israel in secure borders.

As the renowned Israeli writer Amos Oz said: "In the same house we cannot be roommates, let's try to promise everyone his own house and create a calm neighborhood." It is clear why Mr. Toubassi did not make any comment: he rejects the solution of two states for two peoples, he supports the one-state solution, Palestine instead of Israel, not alongside Israel."

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