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Monday, 04 April 2022 08:30

A big luminous poster at the OTE shop in Preveza informs passersby that, where currently stands the Greek Telecommunications Group building, once stood the city’s Synagogue.  The poster – placed next to the marble plaque with the history of the building, once enwalled in the Synagogue of Preveza – provides also information about life before the war of the city’s Jewish population and the Holocaust.

The initiative began after the proposal of the Cultural Association “Preveza” to the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS), in 2020, suggesting a more contemporary signage of the historic building.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece accepted the proposal and contacted the OTE Group administration for approval and contribution to the implementation of the project. With a high sense of social responsibility and respect for History, OTE Group and OTE Estate swiftly responded, approving the project and assigning it to the appropriate technical services.

From the Jewish side, KIS cooperated with the Jewish Museum of Greece, (JMG), on the historical research and the fullest possible depiction of history.

The poster was curated and typeset by the JMG historians’ group and Director Zanet Battinou, and the Museum’s graphic artist took over the artistic creation. With bilingual subtitles in Greek and English, aptly and concisely, the poster includes a picture of the Synagogue, and – through the faces and the nostalgic images- illustrates the history of the Jews of Preveza.

Even though the pandemic -along with the many consequences- led to delays, OTE’s Development and Store Technical Support Department, and Store Design and Section Manager, Mr. Dimitris Mitropoulos, worked hard for the best realization of the project.

The poster at the OTE building in Preveza is now a point of reference for the promotion of the cultural print of the city’s Jewish community, that was eliminated during the Holocaust. From a total of 250 Jews arrested in Preveza by the Nazis on March 25th, 1944, and transported to the death camps, only 15 survived.

KIS continues the cooperation with the municipality of Preveza for further exploitation of sites of Jewish interest and new initiatives for the promotion of the local historical memory.



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