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ATHENS -- Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met οn Tuesday morning with the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), David Harris, at the Maximos Mansion.

According to government sources, they discussed developments in the wider region with a focus on the Eastern Mediterranean. There was particular emphasis on Greece's contribution to preserving regional stability and promoting growth through mutually beneficial alliances with countries in the region that share the same principles and beliefs.

The same sources noted that the close cooperation of the AJC with the Greek community in the USA was confirmed during the discussion with Harris, as well as the excellent level of bilateral relations between Greece and the USA, which are constantly developing and expanding.

The importance of the trilateral cooperation between Greece - Cyprus - Israel and the 3 + 1 scheme with the participation of the USA was also underlined, while ways to further strengthen the relevant actions were examined.

Shakespeare or Chekhov in the Middle East - Article by Victor Isaak Eliezer
 Published in the Greek daily “TO VIMA” June 6, 2021

“If the Arabs put their weapons down, then there will be no war- if the Israelis put their weapons down, then there will be no Israel”. This saying is attributed to Golda Meir, Israel’s first female Prime Minister, when the Jewish state was surrounded by the Arab states that pursued its destruction, with a series of wars against it, since the first day of its independence, on May 14th 1948.

Unfortunately, the same phrase continues to be relevant in 2021. It could be seen as a communication ploy by the Israelis in order to gain the sympathy of the public. But let us see if this applies in the field of the long-running confrontation, which today focuses on the conflict between Israel and Hamas on its southern border and with Hezbollah and Syria in the north.

If Hamas was to abandon the attrition war against Israel, does anyone doubt that the blockade of the Gaza Strip would have been lifted the very next day? Israel does not have any territorial claims over this strip of land, on the contrary Israel pulled out in 2005, hoping that the Palestinian Authority would have been able to take control of the region and isolate the Islamic movements of Hamas and Jihad. The disarmament of Gaza would be a breath of fresh air for its afflicted population, a new page of growth and prosperity, a new road that would eventually lead to its union with the West Bank of the Jordan River, and in the establishment of a Palestinian state next to the State of Israel with secure borders. Free distribution and movement of people and goods, investments and improvement of the living standards, the end of the bloodshed – this is what the disarmament of Gaza would mean.

Isaac Mizan, the last Holocaust survivor from the (former) Jewish community of Arta in northwest Greece and one of the last survivors alive, died at the age of 94. Mizan was born in 1927 in Arta, where he lived until 1961. He was the last of six children of the family of Joseph and Anetta Mizan.In March 1944 he was arrested by the Nazis, along with 351 other Arta Jews. They were transferred to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp and then to Bergen-Belzen.

He returned to Greece and Arta in August 1945. Of the twelve members of the Mizan family who were forced on the death voyage to Auschwitz, only three returned.

“His last wish, before he passed away, was to return to his birthplace, where the house where he and his family were taken from on March 24, 1944, is still preserved,” Dimitris Vlachopanos, who wrote Mizan’s biography, said.

He was the last Jew of Arta to leave his hometown at the age of 35 for Athens, but his love for his city remained unquenchable to the end.

Thursday, 21 February 2013 14:43
An antisemitic poster displaying a Magen David with a swastika interlaced in its center, is placed all over the main boulevards of Athens. The poster advertises the musical show of a provocative Greek singer. The same poster is also placed on the façade of the night club where the performance will be on show.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece addressed letters to the Minister of Justice, as well as to the Secretary General for Religions, of the Ministry of Education, asking for their competent reaction to this repulsive advertisement. As the Greek Jewry stresses in these letters: “The design depicted on the poster fiercely insults our very religion as well as the memory of the six million Jews, victims of the Holocaust”.

In addition to the above, our Board addressed letters to the mayors of the local districts where the posters are placed, asking for their intervention for the removal of the insulting posters. There is already positive reaction on behalf of some municipalities.
Athens, February 21, 2013
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece
Thursday, 07 March 2013 14:00
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece issued the following Press Release, with regard to a documentary broadcasted by the British TV Channel 4 on the practices of Golden Dawn:

The Greek Jews feel outrage and repudiation for the hideous and repulsive desire expressed by a Nazism seeker, member of the Golden Dawn, to revive the industrialized methods of extermination of people.
Six million Jews, along with millions of other “different” people, were murdered in the crematoria in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Treblinka and in other Nazi extermination camps during the implementation of the “Final Solution” of the “Jewish problem” by the Nazis.
One more time, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece calls upon the Government and the democratic parties to reinforce legislation and fortify Democracy against all those who threaten it with racist, anti-Semitic, and neonazi behaviors and ideology.
Athens, March 7, 2013
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

Monday, 04 February 2013 13:26
The 20th Conference of Representatives of the Jewish Communities of Greece, which convened in Athens on February 2, 2013, in order to elect the new Board of Directors of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, the umbrella organization of the Greek Jewry, decided to postpone the Conference.

During the opening of the Conference, the President of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, Mr. David Saltiel announced the proposal to postpone the Conference in order to conduct further negotiations aiming at combining the leading forces of the Greek Jewry. The proposal was unanimously voted by the 13 representatives of the Greek Jewish Communities. The Conference will convene in due course of time. The date is to be set by the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece.

Athens, February 4, 2013
Thursday, 21 February 2013 08:22
Following an interpellation motion submitted to the Greek Parliament by a Golden Dawn M.P. in which he severely criticizes the commemoration events held on the Holocaust Remembrance Day, and condemns the educational initiatives and the teaching of Holocaust history in Greek schools, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece issued an announcement expressing the concern and the outrage of the Greek Jewry and called upon all political parties to condemn its content.

As the announcement points out: “Now more than ever it is eminent to remind the explanatory report that introduced law 3218, which was unanimously voted by the Greek Parliament in 2004 and established the 27th of January as the national “Remembrance Day for Jewish Greek Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust”.
The report states: “The recognition of the Holocaust Remembrance Day aims at preserving the memory of our Jewish compatriots victims of the Holocaust. It also serves as a continuous reminder of what may happen if bigotry, hatred and indifference become the prevailing characteristics of a society. 
Through the contact with the Holocaust history our intention is to stimulate our thought and activity with regard to major moral issues related to the Holocaust, as well as to our responsibility as citizens of a democratic society”.
Athens, February 20, 2013 
Monday, 28 January 2013 09:05
January 25, 2013 – Athens – AJC, the global advocacy organization, concluded a two-day visit to Greece on Friday. The ten-person AJC group, chaired by Executive Director David Harris, was joined by Greek-American leader and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce Andrew Manatos. Leaders of Greece's Jewish community, including Central Board President David Saltiel and Athens President Benjamin Albalas, as well as AJC leaders from across the U.S., rounded out the delegation.
AJC was received at the highest levels of the Greek government, beginning with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, with whom the group met for 90 minutes.  In addition, the program included separate meetings with six members of the Cabinet – the ministers of foreign affairs, national defense, public order, justice, education and tourism. The delegation also met with Evangelos Venizelos, president of PASOK, the junior coalition partner in the current government, as well as the ambassadors of the United States and Israel to Greece.
The presence of AJC in Greece raised the ire of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which decried the visit as an attempt to exert "Jewish influence over Greek political issues."  A statement released by Golden Dawn Thursday evening went on to assail Harris and predict that Greece's political leadership "will once again express its total subjugation to the whims of the ‘chosen’ people."
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