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The 25th Conference of Representatives of the Jewish Communities of Greece convened in Athens on September 18, 2022 and elected the new Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS), the umbrella organization of the Greek Jewry.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (as of September 18, 2022):

President: David SALTIEL

First Vice President: Nachman - Manos ALCHANATIS

Second Vice President: Moysis ELISAF

Secretary General: Victor Isaac ELIEZER

Treasurer: Daniel BENARDOUT

Deputy Secretary General: Υomtov - Akis ROBISSA

Deputy Treasurer: Isaac-Sakis LEON

Members: Elias KABELIS, Marcel SOLOMON, Anna (MATATHIA) ANTHI, Solon MAISIS, Solomon PARENTE

Deputy Members: Regina KOUNIO, Leon SALTIEL, Moissis MANOUAH


We were informed that the Greek Cabinet, during its meeting of August 30, 2022, sanctioned the proposal of the Justice Minister and appointed Supreme Court Judge Marianthi Pagouteli at the position of the Vice President of Greece’s Supreme Court (Areios Pagos).

During the first instance trial of Konstantinos Plevris* for his antisemitic book “Jews, the whole truth”, Mrs Pagouteli, Judge of Appeals at the time, gave a minority vote advocating for the acquittal of K. Plevris. Mrs Pagouteli in her 32page consideration behind the minority vote justified the antisemitic views of K. Plevris.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece expresses the strong resentment of the Greek Jewry for the appointment at the high level of the Greek Justice, of a person who cannot defend the declared position of the Greek State against antisemitism, even more so in the capacity of the Vice President of the Supreme Court of our country.

We express the certainty that the Greek Justice will safeguard the values of Democracy against the followers of intolerance and antisemitism.

Athens, September 2, 2022

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

*Konstantinos Plevris, is a Holocaust denier and writer of several books against the Jews.

Confirmed as Drowned: THE STORY OF THE SHIP TANAIS

Jewish Review of Books, Summer 2022

By Mark Glanville*

On December 14, 1906, a cargo steamship built at the Sunderland shipyards in the northeast of England was launched under the name Holywood. She was then purchased by a Greek shipowner in 1935, who renamed her Tanais, after the ancient Greek colony founded by Milesians. On May 26, 1941, during the Battle of Crete, the ship was sunk by the Luftwaffe, only to be raised and repaired by the Germans, who then deployed her as a cargo ship in the Aegean. In early June, the Nazis filled the holds of the ship with about nine hundred prisoners bound for Auschwitz, among them Cretan partisans, Italian prisoners of war, and the entire Jewish community of Crete, which comprised 299 souls, 88 of them children.

On June 9, the Tanais was torpedoed by the British submarine Vivid, killing all but a handful of passengers. This was the end of the Cretan Jewish community, which had thrived on the island for more than two thousand years. (Jews are said to have served as guards at the palace of Knossos, where King Minos had Daedalus build the labyrinth with his son the Minotaur at its center.)

COVID-19 Vaccination starts in Thessaloniki with vaccination of Holocaust survivor Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 January 2021 14:44
The vaccinations against COVID-19 of people residing in retirement homes started in Thessaloniki and the guests along with the staff of the “Saul D. Modiano” Home for the Elderly were vaccinated in the presence of Mr. Panagiotis Arkoumaneas, president of the National Public Health Organization (NPHO).

The NPHO task force was welcomed by the president of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, Mr. David Saltiel. 

The first person to receive the vaccine was a Holocaust survivor, Mrs. Zanna Saatsoglou- Sadikario. Mrs. Saatsoglou (96) was a prisoner in Auschwitz – Birkenau and has been living in the Saul D. Modiano Home for the Elderly for the past 10 years.

EJC, 6.1.2021

Friday, 11 December 2020 13:55
The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki has organized on-line candle lighting ceremonies via zoom and facebook, on daily basis. The first candle was lit on December 10, 2020, by the President of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece and of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki, Mr David Saltiel, and the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr Konstantinos Zervas, with the participation of Rabbi Aaron Israel and many Community members who joined in via zoom.

Mr Saltiel stressed the peculiarity of this year’s festivity, celebrated remotely, and wished for a brighter future. “Light and hope is what the Maccabees fought for, and this is their message to us, not to lose hope because even a slightest glimmer is enough to dissolve a dense darkness”, Saltiel said. Then he welcomed the Mayor who constantly for the past two years joins the Hanukkah candle lighting in Thessaloniki.

Mayor Zervas expressed his joy and pointed out that he considers his participation at the celebration as a privilege. He wished a Happy Hanukkah to the Community and referred to “the miracle of light dispelling darkness which has a special meaning this year, when we all need to pray for the safe return of the normality and of all the things we cherish, hoping that soon we will be able to celebrate all festivities together”.

Thursday, 03 December 2020 12:11

By Patricia Claus, "The Greek Reporter" December 1, 2020:

Esther Cohen, the oldest Greek survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, who became known as a “living testimony” of the Holocaust, passed away on Tuesday December 1, 2020, at the age of 96.

The Ioannina-born Jewish woman, who had had her official camp number tattooed on her left arm, said in interviews that the number had also been tattooed “on her soul” as well. Along with so many other Jews, from Ioannina, Thessaloniki and elsewhere in Greece, Esther was rounded up on March 25, 1944. All the Jewish people living in the city were ordered by Greece’s German occupiers to report to Ioannina’s Mavili Square — and the vast majority would never see their beloved city again. She was somehow able to stay together with her entire family, including her six siblings, all the way to the gates of the concentration camp — but after that point she was never to set eyes on them again, except for one of her sisters.

Returning to Ioannina after the war, along with only approximately fifty other members of its original Greek community, she again made her home in the city. In March of 2014, she made headlines when she met with former German President Joachim Gauck in her city. She told him at that time, “When we die, the world must know that man must not be inhuman.” The German president then embraced her.

Monday, 07 December 2020 10:31
On December 3, 2020, a man wearing a cassock and holding an icon, sprayed a Christogram cross with the words “Jesus Christ Conquers” on the Holocaust monument of Larissa. He did the same on the outer wall of the Synagogue which is currently being restored. The incident was recorded on cctv street cameras which were examined after the President of the Jewish Community of Larissa informed the police and filed a lawsuit. The man was arrested the following day in the nearby area of Tempi. He was charged with damaging property and violating antiracism law.


-The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS) issued the following announcement stressing that the action “emanates religious fanaticism and intolerance”:

KIS, Dec. 4, 2020: Religious fanaticism and bigotry emanate from the new desecration attacks against Jewish sacred sites in Larissa, that occurred on December 3rd, 2020. The vandals used religious symbols to leave the mark of their anti-Semitic hatred on the exterior surrounding wall of the Synagogue of Larissa and the city’s Holocaust Monument, as a statement of contempt towards the sanctity of the sites and devastation of the memory of the Holocaust victims.

The Greek Jewry strongly condemns these hideous attacks. We urge the competent authorities to trace down the perpetrators, arrest them and bring them to justice.

We quote the Vice President of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas who just a couple of days ago stated:  “Europe stands firm against all forms of antisemitism. Jewish life is and always will be part of European societies and our way of life…”. Zero tolerance to fanaticism, intolerance and antisemitism”.

Friday, 27 November 2020 12:13
In his “open letter to the Ambassador of Israel in Athens” (published in the website of the daily “Efimerida ton Syntakton”,, on Nov. 19, 2020), Greek-Armenian writer Sifis Kassesian drew parallels between the Israeli policy on the Azerbaijani-Armenian war over Nagorno-Karabakh and the Nazis, and made comments relating Israel to Judas and Shylock with regard to Israel’s selling of weapons to Azerbaijan. The writer skillfully promotes anti-Semitic stereotypes by denying any intention of doing so: “Far from me the thought of correlating the present Israeli policy with stereotypes such as the 30 silver coins or the Merchant of Venice, which for so long have linked the image of the Jew motivated by economic interest to the collective conscience… Maybe many others will do it… Even further far from me is the thought that the murderers of your own people had also argued their own raison d'etat in order to justify their crime against the Jews and that now you are assimilated with them…”. The writer, after referring to his many Jewish friends and his feelings of sympathy towards the Jews over the Holocaust, he mentions the tears he shed for the Holocaust victims when, as a young man, he had visited an exhibition. “You abused of that tear Mr Ambassador, therefore I ask you to find a way to give me back my tear”, Kassesian concludes.

In reaction to Kassesian’s open letter, the Israeli Ambassador to Greece Yossi Amrani, as well as Victor Eliezer, journalist and KIS Secretary General,  replied with their respective letters, published in the website of “Efimerida ton Syntakton”, on November 25, 2020. Both letters, translated into English, are published here under:  

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