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Wednesday, 18 May 2011 12:55
The trial of representatives of Greek Jewry and members of the Greek Helsinki Monitor for perjury and libellous defamation against Kostas Plevris has been set for 14th June 2011 following the rejection of the appeals made by those now accused against the summoning decree. Witnesses for the prosecution and Jewish representatives, Mr Moses Constantinis, Abraham Reitan, Benjamin Albalas and Leon Gabrielides, as well as Mr Panagyote Dimitras and Mrs Andrea Gilbert, representatives of the Greek Helsinki Monitor, also witnesses for the prosecution in the original trial when K. Plevris was in the dock on account of his extremely anti-Semitic book entitle “JewsThe Whole Truth”, now face serious accusations of bringing false charges, perjury and libellous defamation following K. Plevris’ complainant’s report, for the evidence they gave against him. The accused exercised their legal right and appealed that there was no evidence to support the charges in the indictment. The rejection of their appeal by the District attorney of the Court of Appeals creates a new judicial peculiarity: not only did the court acquit the author of the book who blatantly proclaims that he is an anti-Semite and a Nazi and that Jews are ‘sub-human’, but it now puts on trail those witnesses who testified that he is what he himself claims to be, since he feels that the epithets he ascribed to himself are an insult to his integrity. 
No person capable of objective rational thought can fail to be shocked by this fact: After an exhausting battle in a court case lasting three years, the accused representatives of Jewry and members of the Greek Helsinki Monitor will once more be forced to explain to the court that Auschwitz was not a holiday camp, that the Holocaust really did happen, and that every page of his book insults Jewish people and incites violence against them (!).

*** In the following link you can find an essay on the PLEVRIS' TRIAL, edited by the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism of the Tel Aviv University (Topical Brief No. 8, 2011)

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