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Thursday, 17 November 2011 14:26
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece congratulates Mr. Loucas Papademos on his appointment as Prime Minister and expresses warm wishes for every success in his task.
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece stresses that the new Government includes representatives of a political party (the LAOS party), members of which have expressed in the past propaganda against the Jews.
The Greek Jewry monitors closely the situation and is in alert for any relevant statements, while it expresses the belief that the Greek Prime Minister, as well as all the democratic forces of the country will not allow any violation of the Constitution, that provides for the equality of all citizens regardless of race or religion. In addition, the Greek Jewry believes that the new Government will continue the same policy against racism and anti-Semitism that have endorsed all the democratic governments in our country.
The Greek Jewry supports the effort being made by this historically important Government of National Consensus, during the short period of time of its administration, which aims to help Greece overcome the financial crisis.
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- The Guardian, December 16, 2011, "Rise of the Greek far right raises fears of further turmoil" 

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