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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 11:49
The indescribable tragic event that took place in France, a country with long traditional democratic values, has to arise a great concern for all of us. Apart from our deep grief and our sincere condolences towards the relatives of the innocent victims, the Jewish community as well as the French people, it is our duty to think what we do as individuals in order to deter such hideous events. No one, nevertheless, either country or nation is unaffected from racism, anti-Semitism and similar absurdities.
Before the perpetrator, there is also the instigator of an action. The first one appears insane, the second one knows very well what he does. They consciously arm the hands of others so they themselves can continue their hideous actions. Misleading information, obscene lies, bigotry books that represent  the sources of knowledge, religious leaders who speak of the rejection  and not of the respect of the individual with a different frame of mind , offer fertile ground for hatred to flourish. And finally hatred leads to violence. Many believe that our country is not at such a risk, as such voices are indeed an extreme minority that do not express the Greek people at all. In 1999, Greece had experienced a similar tragedy with immigrants from African countries. An insane individual  inspired by wrong influences and preaching  in a time of crisis, is enough  to plunge a country into a cycle of  racist or religious violence. 

Athens, March 20, 2012

* Read here the announcement (in Greek) from the website of the Greek Ministry of Education.

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