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Thursday, 26 July 2012 06:17
The new ‘Golden Dawn’ MP Mr Artemios Mathaiopoulos was sworn in as a member of the Greek Parliament yesterday following the resignation of an MP from the region of Serres. In the past, Mr Mathaiopoulos was a bass player in a hard rock Greek band called “Pogrom”(!); a band with a vast repertoire of fiercely racist, fascist, vulgar and anti-Semitic songs. “Auschwitz”, a song with lyrics like “fuck Anne Frank”, “fuck the tribe of Abraham”, “piss on the Wailing Wall” “Juden raus” and  “Auschwitz, how much I love it”, is characteristic of the band’s ‘work’.
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece has protested on behalf of Greek Jewry with letters to the President of the Greek Parliament and to Greek political parties. In this letter, the Board writes: 

“The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece represents Greek Jewry in expressing revulsion at the election of the new “Golden Dawn” MP Mr Artemios Mathaiopoulos.

This composer of hate lyrics that praise Auschwitz, offend the memory of the six million Jewish victims of Nazism – of whom 65,000 were Greek Jews –  also offend thousands of their Christian fellow Greek citizens and vulgarly trivialize Jews and their sacred places, is now a member of the Greek Parliament.

Mr. President,
We bring this issue before you in order to take all necessary measures to keep those who extol Nazism out of the mainstream of our country's political and social life, since they offend the Constitution of Greece, the Greek Parliament, Greek citizens, and the Democratic values of our country”.
Athens, July 25, 2012 

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