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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 10:09
The Chairwoman of the Committee on Equality and Non Discrimination of the PACE, Mrs. Tina Acketoft replied to the letter of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece protesting Mrs Zaroulia’s (Golden Dawn MP) participation to the Committee.
In her letter, Mrs Tina Acketoft clarifies the procedure related to the appointment of committees and she stresses that “each national parliament decides the composition of its delegation, which must ensure a fair representation of the political parties or groups which are represented in parliament. The credentials of delegations can be challenged by Assembly members when they are submitted for ratification, which happens every year in January, or at any other part-session following elections”.
The Greek delegation participates in PACE with fourteen MPs. Following Mrs Acketoft’s reply, our Board addressed a letter to the President of the Geek Parliament Mr. Evangelos Maimarakis as well as to the President of the Greek Delegation in the PACE Mrs Dora Bakoyannis expressing the Greek Jewry’s concern regarding the choice of a Golden Dawn MP to participate in this specific Committee of the Council of Europe and asked for “…the mobilization of the required statutory procedure in order to remove Mrs. Zaroulia from this Committee as well as from all Committees of the Council of Europe dealing with human rights.
Given your sensitivity to human rights protection issues and your support in the fight against racism, intolerance and anti-Semitism we are confident that you will take all necessary measures to prevent any attempt to violate the principles of freedom and equality from the devotees of Nazism”, as mentioned in the letter.

Mrs Bakoyanni sent to the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece a letter in which she clarifies that “the regulation of the Greek Parliament states that all the parliamentary parties must be represented in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe” and she also stresses her personal disapproval of the ideology of Golden Dawn.             

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