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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 12:12
A folk song dedicated to the Greek Jewish War hero Colonel Frizis was posted on You Tube.
See the video and listen the song HERE.

This unique ‘demotico’ song –a syrto- with the voice of Petros Lantzas and the music of Antonis Sakellarios, is a rare historic document. It was recorded at the American Orthophonic co. (ORS-587), in 1941, after the glorious victory of the Greeks at the Albanian Front during the Greek-Italian War (1940 – 1941).
The song’s theme is inspired by the heroic victories over the Italians accomplished by Colonel Mordechai Frizis, a Greek Jew from Chalkida (Eubea).
M. Frizis, fell on the battlefield on December 5, 1940, and is one of the first high ranking officers of the Greek Army who died fighting for their Patrida (homeland). His example became a legend on the mountains of Albania encouraging the Greek soldiers. His figure also inspired poetry and folk songs such as this one.
This song is a characteristic example of the contribution of Colonel Frizis to the fight for Freedom as well as of the bravery of the Greek soul.
The photos presented in this video are from the book “Mordechai Frizis”, edited by the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (Athens 1977). The statue of M. Frizis on horseback –sponsored by distinguished Greek Americans, and specifically by the Association of Friends of Colonel Frizis  (Michigan, USA), headed by Stephanos Becharas- was placed and inaugurated in Frizis’ hometown Chalkida on September 2010. Since 1971 in Chalkida there is also erected the bust of Colonel Frizis.

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