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Thursday, 21 February 2013 08:22
Following an interpellation motion submitted to the Greek Parliament by a Golden Dawn M.P. in which he severely criticizes the commemoration events held on the Holocaust Remembrance Day, and condemns the educational initiatives and the teaching of Holocaust history in Greek schools, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece issued an announcement expressing the concern and the outrage of the Greek Jewry and called upon all political parties to condemn its content.

As the announcement points out: “Now more than ever it is eminent to remind the explanatory report that introduced law 3218, which was unanimously voted by the Greek Parliament in 2004 and established the 27th of January as the national “Remembrance Day for Jewish Greek Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust”.
The report states: “The recognition of the Holocaust Remembrance Day aims at preserving the memory of our Jewish compatriots victims of the Holocaust. It also serves as a continuous reminder of what may happen if bigotry, hatred and indifference become the prevailing characteristics of a society. 
Through the contact with the Holocaust history our intention is to stimulate our thought and activity with regard to major moral issues related to the Holocaust, as well as to our responsibility as citizens of a democratic society”.
Athens, February 20, 2013 

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