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Thursday, 14 March 2013 07:31
-The Press Release of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece: 

The appointment of Ioannis Kotoulas at the Greek Interior Ministry, as a consultant, aroused public attention and reactions. As reported in the press, I. Kotoulas is an educator who has published a book on the Third Reich in which he praises Hitler.
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, in a Press Release issued on March 12, 2013, asked for the immediate removal of the educator from office and the expressed the Greek Jewry’s outrage. As the Press Release states: 
 “What the ministerial adviser supports in his revisionist books about Hitler and the shameless justification he attempts to give for Hitler’s concentration camps, the aerial bombardment of Greek cities by the Luftwaffe and Nazi policy are an insult to the memories of the victims of the German occupation and the Holocaust.
At a moment when the struggle against neonazism is a fight for the very Democracy in Greece, the revisionists of Nazi atrocities and the Holocaust cannot have a place at the services of the Greek State”.

-The Press Release of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki:

Further tο the information that recently became public regarding the appointment of Mr. Ioannis Kotoulas as advisor to the Ministry of Interior on issues of citizenship, the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki condemns in the strongest possible manner the totality of the references in his book "The Rise of the Third Reich” according to which Nazism (National Socialism) is defined and presented as a “great revolution".
As a result of this "revolution" 50,000 innocents Greek Jews of Thessaloniki and 6,000,000 innocent Jews from all over Europe were murdered in gas chambers and crematoriums, in an inhuman manner, people who were targeted and incriminated solely because of their religion.
This fact becomes even more important and we believe that it contributes to the defamation of our country on an international scale at a time when in the coming days, 15-17 March 2013, commemorative events are going to be organized in Thessaloniki to mark the 70th anniversary of the departure of the first train to the death camp "Auschwitz - Birkenau." The events are expected to attended be the representatives of the World Jewry through the presence of a multimember delegation of the World Jewish Congress, headed by the President of the organization Mr. Ronald S. Lauder, many dignitaries from Greece and abroad, as well as by the Greek Prime Minister Mr. Antonis Samaras.
The Jewish Community of Thessaloniki deems the choice and appointment of this individual in such a sensitive position of responsibility unacceptable and requests his immediate and irrevocable removal.

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