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Monday, 15 April 2013 08:33
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece sent the following letter to Ioannis Alafouzos, president of SKAI media group, regarding the programme presented by journalist G. Tragas with four guest members of parliament from the Golden Dawn party, which was televised by SKAI channel on Sunday 7th April 2013:
 ‘The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece wishes to express its great indignation at the broadcasting, promotion and dissemination of the extremely racist sentiments displayed by Holocaust denialists and proponents of Nazism in Greece through the television programme presented by Mr Tragas on SKAI  television channel.
Unfortunately, the Goebbels-style propaganda employed made this particular programme on your television channel into an up-to-date vehicle of persuasion that gave representatives of neo-Nazism in Greece free rein to attempt convincing viewers of – among other things – the necessity of establishing legislation in Greece that brings to mind the racist Nazi laws set up at Nuremburg against Jewish people.

We have repeatedly pointed out that the political system, the judiciary, civic bodies and the Mass Media have a duty to isolate and delegitimise  ideologies that have resulted in crimes against humanity and the death of millions of people, including six million Jews. They also have a duty to lend their strength to education so as to protect the democratic values of democracy, liberty and civilisation. Unfortunately, by televising this particular programme, SKAI television has struck democracy in this country a severe blow.  And that is a shame!’     
* The Union of Athens Daily Press Journalists  (ESIEA) released an announcement on the same subject, in which it criticises and condemns ‘…the sentiment, content and attitude of the programme.’ The announcement ends by stating that, ‘The union condemns any attempt to bestow legality onneo-Nazi attitudesand will take action to arouse the world of journalism and make journalists everywhere more aware, so as to avert the danger posed by neo-Nazism.’


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