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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 09:21
Last week, a number of incidents involving anti-Semitic rhetoric caused the reaction of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, which issued  an announcement.
The announcement refers to Golden Dawn MP Christos Papas who admitted admiration of Hitler during a parliament session: Following a verbal exchange between MP Papas and SYRIZA MP Tatsopoulos the latter read an excerpt from an article written in the past by Christos Papas in which he praised Hitler and national socialism. In response MP Papas thanked MP Tatsopoulos for “having reminded from this podium the writings of his youth” and added that “the future of the world belongs to nationalism”.
The second incident refers to anti-Semitic statements made by the President of LAOS party George Karatzaferis. In his TV show entitled “All Greece, just a neighbourhood”, broadcasted by ART channel (owned by Karatzaferis, former Tele Asty), Karatzaferis, inter alia, pointed out that there are no poor Greek Jews while all other Greeks suffer from the economic crisis.
There follows our Board’s announcement:
“The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, points out that during the previous week, praisers of Nazism and sworn anti-Semites tried to create an atmosphere of Anti-Semitism and to turn the Greek public opinion against the Jews by launching shameless accusations against them, based on Nazi characterised stereotypes.
When a parliamentary praises Nazism in the Greek Parliament, in the bastion of Democracy, and when a political party’s leader launches unfounded and false accusations against the Jews, then extreme Anti-Semitism spreads its tentacles undisturbed, fomenting the foundations of Democracy itself.
We call upon the government and the democratic political forces to overcome their differences and shield democracy in our country with appropriate legislation, to ensure the equality of Greek citizens, as provided for in the Constitution of Greek Republic regardless of race colour or religion, and to effectively fight against any attempt made to revive Nazism in Greece”.
Athens, 17 May 2013
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

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