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Monday, 27 January 2014 08:55
September 25, 2013

“When I characterized the “Golden Dawn as “black night” I was not looking for the words just to impress.
I used two words in order to define with the maximum possible accuracy what I realized then according to the ideology, the practices as well as the total appearance of the neo-nazi formation, with regard to its real identity and I was particularly strict and rigorous, concerning every embrace of a Christian or a clergyman towards the GoldenDawn.
At that time, some people considered my characterizations excessive, but I believe that now no one doubts the precision of those words.
However, probably today even these words lack any truth because the assassination, firstly in cold blood and secondly after command, does not infer only to night but it infers to hell itself.
There is something that frightens me more than the crime itself. It is the way that the crime was committed. The coldness of the execution. Not even a bite of soul, not even a last moment worry. Not a small allusion of conscience, of a supposedly peaceful citizen?
What is the organization and how hellish it is, that it can transform a “peaceful citizen” into a ruthless criminal?
Was this crime the result of a soul deprived from every value and demolished or the fruit of fear towards those who ordered him to kill? 
Despite the existence of so many documents and testimonies about his relationship with the criminal organization, his effort to be presented as if he has a loose relationship is it the result of a command or even of the fear for his own life?
But also the ridiculous effort of the members of the Parliament of the Golden Dawn to throw off them both the man and the crime doesn’t it lead the poor and miserable criminal to realize what fate awaits him?
And the questions continue: Was the political leadership late torealize what the Golden Dawn is, or it kept silent on purpose,having other thoughts on the back side of its head?
If it was late, then it is dangerous for the country because of weakness and disability to realize the critical nature of the moments and evaluate the facts.
If it kept silent guiltily because it believed that it can handle the problem, then it sacrifices the country for its political games. 
Did we have to result in blood in order for the Minister to submit all those he submitted in the Public prosecutor of the Supreme Court? Weren't those known? Weren’t they given facts? Didn’t they amount to offences? Had they been faced as offences?
Didn’t they imply a criminal organization? Didn’t they see the hordes of barbarians? Hadn’t they seen the pictures of the modern SS that wandered in the streets in order to frighten the Greeks?
These group appearances and their way, didn’t they certify that it was about a paramilitary organization?
Will the barely seen determination of the Minister and the State have continuity and consistency or is it a firework because of this extraordinary fact?
You see, the political leadership has not convinced us that we can trust it.
How many times did we hear from supposedly, responsible political mouths that “the knife will reach the bone”, but it didn’t even touch the skin?
Something even sadder. The dissensions of the political leadership, the absence of a clear political word, and the weakness of communication in a so critical moment, show a political leadership unworthy to lead the country and the circumstances.
Staying these days in the fatherly residence because of an illness, I heard the so called leader of the Nazi formation speaking in disgust about the Parliament and the regime with his well-known hitlerish delirium.
I wonder: No Public Prosecutor heard him?
Don’t his words amount to an offence of democracy? What kind of education does he give the young children, that deprived from an essential education by both school and family become a shapeless mass from which the tomorrow's executants will be selected?
A few more words for those who voted Nazism. Perhaps you did not know. Perhaps you have been misled? Have you realized now? Have you woken up now? Now you cannot claim ignorance, neither protest, nor despair.
There is no bigger despair than Nazism. Otherwise get ready to cry for your own child!
Because Nazism does not have friends, it only has victims”.


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