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Thursday, 06 February 2014 13:52

A candidate for the upcoming elections in Greece with the Party of SYRIZA Mr. Theodoros Karypidis, who is running for Governor of Western Macedonia claimed that Greece’s new public broadcasting channel, NERIT, has Jewish roots.  NERIT (New Hellenic Radio and Television) was established last summer after the Samaras government shut down the Hellenic Broadcasting Authority. Karypidis claims that the new station’s acronym is linked to the Hebrew word for candle -- Ner -- and that candles lit during the Jewish festival of Hanukkah celebrate Jewish victory over ancient Greece and that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s recent visit to the Thessaloniki Synagogue was an act threatening Greece. “Samaras is lighting the candles (Nerit) in the seven branched candelabra of the Jews and lighting Greece on fire after his visit to the Thessaloniki Synagogue... He is organizing a new Hanukkah against the Greeks,” wrote Karypidis.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece issued the following Press Release: 

“The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece expresses the Greek Jewry’s concern and astonishment for the decision made by the political party of SYRIZA to appoint as candidate for the Regional Governor of Western Macedonia Mr. Theodoros Karypidis, who in the past has made offensive statements for the Jews and the Jewish religion.
We hope that the leadership of SYRIZA, which is a significant democratic party, will take all the necessary measures so that those who express views that incite racial hatred, intolerance and anti-Semitism, remain on the margins of Greek society.
It is our common duty to safeguard the principles of democracy, freedom and religious tolerance in the 2014 Greece, against those who serve the forces of darkness and anti-Semitic stereotypes.
We hope that the party of SYRIZA will continue to strictly follow the policy against racism and anti-Semitism which is adopted by all democratic parties in Greece and in Europe”.
Athens, February 5, 2014
Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece 

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