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Friday, 19 September 2014 07:39

By  Victor Isaak Eliezer*

In the merciless war that Hamas is waging to obliterate Israel, two aims have been achieved.

The first is that it has repelled every possibility of a solution that foresees two countries for the two peoples. No Israeli government, left or right wing, would agree to the creation of a Palestinian state with Hamas at the helm of developments, the reason being that although missiles launched from Gaza pose a threat to the safety of Israeli citizens in southern and central Israel, missiles launched by Palestinians from the cities of Ramallah and Jericho could lead to the country disintegrating amidst violence and would make its citizens hostages without hope of release.

Yet the worst crime that Hamas has committed is against the Palestinian people themselves. It seems that hatred of Israel outweighs every resolve to build an independent Palestinian state next to it.


Israeli troops have left the Gaza strip and authority over it has been in the hands of the Palestinians since 2005. Ever since 2007 Fatah forces, in other words the heart of the PLO and Palestinian authorities,  have been persecuted by Hamas. Hundreds of Palestinians haves been executed in cold blood and a regime of Iranian type theocracy has been imposed. Israel has really imposed the embargo on Gaza (food and medical supplies excepted) because Hamas itself threatened to launch missiles against the civilian population of Israel and rejected all negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinian authorities. And those who liken Gaza with Auschwitz are certainly no different from the worst Holocaust denialist.

The second aim achieved is that of fuelling present-day anti-Zionists with arguments, with the result that all those who oppose the existence of a Jewish state no longer run the risk of being labelled racist or anti-Semitic.

Harsh criticism of certain Israeli government policies by no means qualifies as anti-Semitism. There is, however, a tremendous difference between that and lending support to Hamas. Support of Hamas is not the same as supporting the creation of a Palestinian state next to Israel. It is the same as supporting anti-Semitism though, because its very ideology and practices are founded on hatred of all Jewish people, be they in Israel or anywhere in the world, and that is in its constitution. So 'Yes', all those who so readily condemn Israel and refuse to condemn Hamas and its methods really do commit the worst form of anti-Semitism.  

It is common knowledge that Hamas is the brainchild of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, a close ally of Adolph Hitler. Indeed, during World War II he founded the Brigade of Muslim WaffenSS Handschar, which undertook murders and attacks in Jewish communities. And of course he played a leading role in rescuing Nazi war criminals and helping them escape. 

Now, seventy years on, his successors, the leaders of Hamas,  target civilians in Israel, have murdered Jewish pupils at a school in Toulouse and visitors to the Jewish Museum in Brussels. They are natural allies of neo-Nazi parties in Europe, since they have a common enemy in the Jews.  

Incidentally, what about launching missiles from Gaza at Israeli civilians in Israel, digging tunnels that reach all the way to the dining rooms of Israeli Kibbutz near the border, kidnapping and murdering children and carrying out suicide missions? Are these acts carried out by Hamas not war crimes? The world couldn't care less! Images of innocent Palestinians lying dead trouble every person with a conscience and fill every feeling heart with sadness and pain. Members of the public at large who see all this bloodshed lay the blame at the door of the stronger party. But who supplies arms to Israeli airman? Which supposedly brave soldiers hide among innocent people? Who has set up military command posts in hospitals? Who has dug tunnels under ordinary people's homes? Who put pressure on foreign correspondents who left Gaza and told about Hamas atrocities against Palestinians there?  

Goebbels persistently said the Jews were absolute evil. Today, a few supposedly serious-minded shapers of public opinion say that Israel is the present absolute evil ! And then they show not a trace of shame when they use the Holocaust to equate this present absolute evil  with the Nazis! This is an operation designed to isolate and demonise the collective right of Jewish people to live in peace in their own country. They use Israel as their tool of anti-Semitism. It is an operation which will, with mathematical certainty, cast doubt on the right of Jewish people to live as equal members of society in the country of their birth, the country they have served and which they love. And this phenomenon is manifest in France, Sweden, England, Belgium, Italy and elsewhere − wherever anti-Semitism strikes merciless blows against the Jews of Europe. 

The anti-Semites of the past are the anti-Zionists of the present. This is when forces of neo-Nazism combined with forces of the Left and extreme Islam. Then forces of Nazi persuasion created the greatest human catastrophe history has ever known. Now, forces of another persuasion, that of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran supported by Turkey and the like-minded powers of the Islamic State pose a threat, firstly to Israel, but mainly to other countries, especially in Europe. Yet demonstration organisers regard condemnation of Israel as a more attractive proposition!     

Israel and Palestine can repel this threat and change the area from the bloodbath that it is to a land of prosperity and economic development. Palestinians have a right to a country of their own, next to Israel, not in place of it. The people of Israel have a right to live on their land in safety. In order to achieve this, the Israeli government will have to cease construction of more buildings on the West Bank and the Palestinian Authorities, supported by Egypt, Jordan and the International community, will have to put an end to Hamas terrorism and that of the other armed groups that support it. For as long as Hamas persists in its efforts to wipe Israel off the map, a solution for both countries and both peoples will become ever more remote and the bloodshed will continue. For hatred of Israel should certainly not outweigh the resolve to build an independent Palestinian state next to it.

* Correspondent for the Yediot Achronot Israeli newspaper in Greece.


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