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Thursday, 04 December 2014 12:47

The repeated references against the Jews and the World Zionist Movement, as revealed in a press article, made by MP Stavroula Xoulidou of the “Independent Greeks” party, represent the usual dissemination of prejudices and stereotypes that when prevailed in history they led to the persecution of the Jewish people and ultimately to the Holocaust of 6 million Jews.

The political system in our country cannot and must not tolerate such ideology that incites hatred and fanaticism in the name of any purpose, because silence over such phenomena means complicity.


Athens, December 3, 2014

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece


 Related Press clip from the daily “Ethnos” of Nov. 30, 2014:

[…]  Subtitle: “She has written an essay entitled ‘Philhellenes, Greek-haters, Ant-Hellenes’ – Kissinger and the World Zionist Movement threaten our nation with total dehellenization”

“The references included in her notorious thesis entitled  ‘Philhellenes, Greek-haters, Ant-Hellenes’ –in which more or less she attributes the blame for all hardships of Greece and the Greeks in contemporary history to the World Zionist Movement- are indicative of the thought and attitude of Stavroula Xoulidou.

“The anti-Greek feelings of the British and the Americans are directed by the World Zionist Movement”, she writes and adds: “For example, the Cyprus issue is inaugurated by the English-Jewish Benjamin Disraeli (son of Isaac Disraeli)…”. Again she sees the World Zionist Movement behind Attila and the Turkish invasion of the island of Cyprus. As she writes, it happened under the blessing of the Patriarch of the World Zionist Movement, the American-Jewish FM of the USA Kissinger, who is also involved in the dictatorship of Athens”.


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