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Friday, 15 May 2015 17:44
Statement by the Secretary General for Religious Affairs Giorgos Kalantzis
at the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs
for the decision of the Municipality of Kavala to postpone the unveiling of the Holocaust Monument
I admit that it is extremely difficult for anyone to imagine that there is actually a decision by the City Council of Kavala that cancels a scheduled event for the unveiling of a monument dedicated to remind us the extermination of the Greek Jews of Kavala by the Nazis and their collaborators, using as an argument the existence or the engraving or the size of the symbol of the Jewish faith on it.
The city of Kavala is renowned for its culture, for its hospitable citizens, for its natural beauties, for its important historic monuments, as well as for Lydia, the first European to be baptized Christian.
It is extremely unfair for Kavala to be registered in history as the first city to have denied hospitality to a monument honoring its own citizens of Jewish faith who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.
I trust that the citizens of Kavala, both as individuals and through their forms of collective expression, will make sure that soon the monument in its current form as it has already been carved will be placed in the place already chosen by the Municipality.
As an orthodox Christian I feel deeply insulted by this issue, because it would be as if someone asked us to erase or modify for “aesthetic reasons” the symbol of the cross on the tombs of our grandfathers executed by the Germans. The Greek Jews who were murdered by the Nazis have no tomb in the soil of our country to be marked with the Star of David, as their tombs lay in the sky and under the earth where their ashes from the crematoria were spread upon.

*See HERE the relevant document (in Greek)

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