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Monday, 18 May 2015 11:43


SYRIZA: The Postponement of the Event for the Unveiling of the Holocaust Memorial Insults Historic Memory (16.5.2015)

The postponement of the event for the unveiling of the Holocaust Memorial in Kavala insults historic memory and the democratic and anti-Nazi struggles of the Greek people.  It is an act which foments anti-Semitism and intolerance and as such it cannot be tolerated.


SYRIZA of Kavala:  The Decision of Tsanaka to cancel the Holocaust Memorial of Kavala is a Huge Step Backwards (15.4.2015)

"With great surprise, sorrow and we were informed late last night about the cancellation of the erection of the Holocaust Monument as well as the relevant ceremony which had been scheduled for next Sunday for our fellow citizens of Jewish origin.  As a pretext "aesthetic reasons" related to the specific monument were presented by the Mayor of Kavala, Mrs. Dimitra Tsanaka, for the cancellation.  We believe, however, that the reasons are deeply political and ideological and prove once again that intolerant, nationalist and racist elements are dominating both the municipal group as well as the wider environment of the Mayor.

The specific decision of the Mayor of Kavala is a huge step backwards for our political morals and an insult to the memory of thousands of our fellow citizens of Jewish origin, sacrificed on the altar of the same intolerance, racism and nationalism a few decades ago. It also stigmatizes the long history of labor and social struggles in our city.  It irrevocably exposes and deconstructs the image of our city throughout Greece and globally, especially at the moment that the erection of the memorial and the memorial ceremony had been announced and widely published, while the relevant printed material had been distributed.

Even at the last moment, we call on the Mayor of Kavala, Mrs. Dimitra Tsanaka, to review her wrongful and insulting decision and to proceed with the decision taken by the Municipal Council of Kavala normally.  Furthermore, we call on the Mayor of Kavala, Mrs. Dimitra Tsanaka, to isolate and expel the intolerant, nationalistic , racist and Extreme Right elements she is hosting in her municipal faction  and proceed with her work using democratic and progressive people who have  sense of the weight of the history of this tormented land.  Finally, we call on all political forces, organizations, representatives and movements and the people of the city to mobilize to reverse yesterday's unacceptable decision of the Municipal Council of Kavala and impose the rectification of historic memory. 

NEW DEMOCRACY (ND): On the Postponement of the Event for the Unveiling of a Monument for the Victims of Holocaust Barbarity in Kavala (16.5.2015)

The Media Spokesman of New Democracy, Mr. Kostas Karagounis, made the following statement about the postponement of an event for the unveiling of a memorial for the victims of Nazi barbarity in Kavala:

New Democracy has zero tolerance for phenomena of anti-Semitism.

Antonis Samaras, was the Prime Ministers who did not hesitate to confront this phenomena, not only in words but with deeds including the relevant law which punishes the denial and both the direct or indirect downgrading of the Holocaust.  It is a law which was praised by foreign governments and organizations on a global level. 

Consequently we condemn any act, like the one attributed to the Municipality of Kavala and expect the issue to be resolved immediately in a way that completely upholds the relevant legislation as well as the spirit which highlights instead of undermines similar Holocaust remembrance ceremonies. 

INDEPENDENT GREEKS (AN.ELL): Statement of the Spokeswoman of the Independent Greeks, Marina Chrysoveloni about the postponement of the Unveiling of the Memorial for the Victims of Nazi Barbarity in Kavala. (16.5.2015)

The reasons that the Mayor of Kavala referred which were adopted by the Municipal Council in order to postpone the unveiling of the memorial for the victims of Nazi barbarity are at the very least incomprehensible and unacceptable. 

The decision of the Municipal Council of Kavala is racist and extremely insulting to the memory of the city 1,484 Greek Jews who met a tragic death in the Nazi gas chambers.  It not only exposes the members of the Kavala Municipal Council but the image of the city itself on an international level. 

Therefore, it must be recalled immediately." 

 TO POTAMI: They Should Apologize and Review (16.5.2015)

With great surprise and even great sorrow we were informed about the decision of the Municipal Council of Kavala to postpone the unveiling of the memorial in honor of the victims of the Holocaust from Kavala following a relevant recommendation by the Mayor, Mrs. Dimitra Tsanaka.

As an excuse the Mayor argued that in her opinion the memorial is "not aesthetically please." However, according to a relevant announcement of the Central Board of Greek Jewish Communities (KIS), the Mayor conveyed her opposition by phone about the inscription of the Star of David on the memorial asked for this symbol of the Jewish faith to be removed in order to not postpone the scheduled event for its unveiling.  

The Human Rights Department of Potami unequivocally condemns this decision, which is a blatant violation of religious freedom as it is protected according to Article 13 of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religious conscience regardless of faith. 

This decision first and foremost insults them memory of the Kavala Jews who left the city destined for Nazi concentration camps wearing the exact same symbol which the Mayor of Kavala does not want inscribed on the Holocaust Memorial.

However, this decision is also unfair to the citizens of Kavala.  We are certain that they do not share the views of the municipal government. They honor the memory of their fellow citizens lost violently and expelled because of their religious convictions.  They are already reacting a taking a dynamic stand against this unacceptable decision. 

We also call on the Mayor and the Municipal Council of Kavala to immediately review their decision, to apologize to our fellow citizens, who they insulted with their indescribable behavior and to proceed normally in unveiling the memorial exactly the way it has been constructed.  However, we primarily draw everyone's attention to the phenomena of intolerance, fanaticism and nationalist-mongering which unfortunately appear on all levels of government and create a climate which does not honor the Hellenic Republic and its representatives.

PASOK: Announcement of the Human Rights Department of PASOK about the Postponement of the Event for the Unveiling of the Memorial for the Victims of Nazi Barbarity.  (16.5.2015)

"Every democratic citizen of the country should condemn the activities of the Mayor of Kavala and the decision of the municipal council.

Insulting the memory of the Greek Jews of Kavala and their religious symbols is an extreme and repulsive anti-Semitic act.

The citizens of Kavala have an obligation to themselves and history to demand the reversal of this decision which exposes and shames our democratic legacy. 

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