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Thursday, 18 May 2017 11:46

The research study «Anti-Semitism in Greece today: Expressions, causes and tackling of the phenomenon», which is one of the very few pertinent public opinion polls, has been presented in Thessaloniki during a special event that took place on Wednesday May 3, 2017. The event, which was attended and addressed by European Commission’s Coordinator on combating anti-Semitism in Europe, Katharina von Schnurbein, was organized by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Greece, the foundation that published the research in a book with the same title.

The research program, conducted by Giorgos Antoniou, Spyros Kosmidis, Elias Dinas and Leon Saltiel, has been presented by George Antoniou (Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, University of Thessaloniki) and Spyros Kosmidis (Lecturer, University of Oxford).

The important current research looks into the causes and expressions of anti-Semitism in Greece, proposing measures and policies effectively dealing with the phenomenon, based on the assumption that the Holocaust was an unprecedented crime against humanity that cannot be time-barred.

The EU Coordinator on combating anti-Semitism, Katharina von Schnurbein, in her opening remarks stressed that not all EU states have integrated into their law systems the European legislation against Anti-Semitism; she also informed the audience that Europe is in cooperation with the biggest foreign companies in the social media, in order to fight the spread of Anti-Semitic stereotypes through the social media. Maria Giannakaki, General Secretary of Transparency and Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice, stressed that «[Anti-Semitism] is the most time-resistant form of racism and discrimination».

On the other hand, the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr. Yiannis Boutaris, pointed out the need for a better education in Greece in order to fight Anti-Semitic stereotypes, especially in the younger ages. The second Vice-President of the Central Board of the Jewish Communities in Greece, Mr. Victor Isaac Eliezer, remarked that in Greece the violence against Jews is not as widespread as in other European countries; however, Greece holds one of the highest percentages of anti-Semitism in Europe and Anti-Semitism as a stereotype and as an emotion is widespread in Greece, as attested by the findings of the research study that was presented.  The event hosted remarks from the Rev. Gregory Stamkopoulos (Assistant Professor, University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki), Eleni Hondolidou (Assistant Professor A.U.Th., President of Community A – municipality of Thessaloniki) and Andreas Takis (Associate Professor, Hellenic League for Human Rights).  



-Read here Victor Isaac Eliezer’s Remarks on Anti-Semitism 

-The research (in Greek) is available for free downloading from the website of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Greece



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