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Tuesday, 19 December 2017 09:58
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece condemns unequivocally the malicious and vulgar insults, containing fierce racist and anti-Semitic references, launched against the President of the Athens Jewish Community Mr. Minos Moissis by the web edition of the newspaper MAKELEIO.
The headline of the article reads: “Cruel Jew at the head of a company of “crows” that has been assigned to liquidate the “red loans” (past due debt) of poor Greeks. President of the Jewish Community, he pretends friendly and takes (our money) from the back door”.
The article targets and treats with contempt Mr. Moissis -a renowned and experienced professional and a top executive manager in the banking and insurance industry for 30 years- because only of his Jewish identity and his position as the President of the Jewish Community of Athens. Apart from the insulting references, the racist and malicious intent against Mr. Moissis, is indicated by the fact that he is referred to as the “cruel Jew” who has allegedly undertaken the task of “clearing out the loans of the poor Greeks”. Thus, in an unacceptable manner, the hideous and racist stereotype of the evil hard Jewish is reproduced.

Mr. Moissis will pursue the case to the Greek Justice for restoring his honor and reputation.
Nevertheless, in a period that we witness an outburst of anti-Semitic violence in Europe, this unjust, unprovoked and totally unfounded attack against a leading figure of the Greek Jewry, not only endangers his own safety but the right to live safely of all Greek Jews alike.
We are certain that the competent Greek Authorities will take all necessary measures against those who endorse hate speech as the means of promotion of their anti-Semitic campaign.
Athens, December 18, 2017
Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

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