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Monday, 29 October 2018 12:29
All Jews of Greece feel devasted by the news of the deadly, purely antisemitic, attack against the ‘Tree of Life’ Synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA.

This hideous attack, that costed the lives of 11 innocent people only because they were born Jewish, is yet another alarm signal showing how blind fanaticism has infiltrated societies and where racist hatred may lead. When in a law abiding state, hate rhetoric is tolerated by a society, without any reaction, then the road to physical violence in not long.

Condemnation of the crime is undoubtedly an expression of solidarity towards the relatives of the victims as well as a political stance of disapproval of the murderous act, nonetheless it is not effective at all in preventing the next crime. The sole fortification of security measures at Synagogues and Jewish institutions is not enough. A legislative context for the prevention of such crimes has now become a high priority need. Antisemitic rhetoric can no longer stay unpunished, mainly when it incites -directly or indirectly- to violence against the Jews.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS) expresses the deepest condolences of the Greek Jewry to the families of the victims and all-heartedly joins the call of the international Jewish organizations for all necessary measures to be taken so that Jews feel safe and actually be safe as equal citizens in all countries of the world. The crime at the ‘Tree of Life’ Synagogue of Pittsburgh causes sorrow and outrage. It should also cause vigilance. The vigilance of all, authorities and citizens alike, so as not to mourn any more victims of intolerance, either Jewish or not.

Alongside with all the Synagogues of the world, KIS and the Jewish Communities in Greece, have organized memorial services for the victims in Pittsburgh that will take place in all Synagogues of Greece, next Saturday, the 3rd of November 2018.

Athens, October 29, 2018

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

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