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Monday, 17 December 2018 13:30
On December 15, 2018, the Holocaust Monument in Thessaloniki was once more vandalized, for the forth time within this year, by followers of Nazism who spray-painted the swastika on its surface leaving their imprint of bigotry.

Enough with the desecration of memory of the Holocaust victims by the seekers of obscurantism and all those who tolerate them. The repeated condemnations of antisemitism will be useless if the perpetrators are not arrested and brought to Justice.

Only a few days after the release of the shocking findings if the FRA Second Survey on Antisemitism in Europe, the new vandal attack against the Holocaust Monument in Thessaloniki indicates the absolute need for immediate action and taking of measures also in Greece.

At the same time, in the spirit of the relevant EU Council Declaration on the fight against antisemitism, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece repeats the proposal for the endorsement by Greece of the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism, which provides a practical guide to the identification and the confrontation of antisemitic crimes.

In addition, we relaunch the appeal to reinforce educational and social awareness initiatives because it is only through knowledge that society might be fortified against the preachers of hatred.

Athens, December 17, 2018

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

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