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Wednesday, 17 November 2021 10:21

On Monday, November 15, 2021, the opening of the "Divided Memories 1940-1950. Between History and Experience" digital exhibition took place, which had originally been presented at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki between December 2016 and April 2017. The contributors of the exhibition are the Goethe-Institute of Thessaloniki, the MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art, the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki and the Documentation Centre for National Socialism of the City of Cologne.

During the inauguration of the digital version of the exhibition, Dr. Annemone Christians-Bernsee, the executive director of the Documentation Centre of the City of Cologne, greeted the guests, followed by greetings by the Mayors of Cologne Henriette Reker and of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, the director of the Goethe Institute of Thessaloniki, Beate Köhler, the President of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece & President of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki David Saltiel and the Chairman of the BoD of the Metropolitan Organization of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki (MOMus), Andreas Takis.

The exhibition was introduced by the curator and former artistic director of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Dennis Zacharopoulos. The exhibition sheds light on the 1940-1950 decade and highlights the interest that arises through the personal experiences of artists and intellectuals: artistic works, narratives and testimonies, documents, literary pieces, poetic and historical texts of this historic decade that transform the pain, despair and hardships, evoke creative and existential deadlocks, contradictions and hope, reconstructing the official History.

It also examines the presence of the Jewish population of Thessaloniki as early as the 1930s, presents new evidence of the developments in Thessaloniki during the German occupation, the chronicle of the deportation of the Jews of Thessaloniki to the death camps, as well as photographs of survivors and interviews with Jews of Thessaloniki born after 1941.

The section on the Jewish community is also articulated in two parts. The first focuses on the social and political problems faced by the community and the second follows the process by which the occupation authorities brought under control, economically destroyed and then deported the Jewish population to Auschwitz.

The exhibition is implemented with the financial support of the Greek-German Fund for the Future, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

See HERE the exhibition website where a virtual tour is available

Watch HERE a video from the opening of the exhibition (greetings: 8.40' Mayor of Thessaloniki & 11.02' President of KIS)

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