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Wednesday, 26 January 2022 09:50

WE REFLECT on today’s anniversary: January 27, 1945, the liberation of Auschwitz. The world astonished in front of the human skeletons, in front of the magnitude of horror. The miserable survivors of the Holocaust had already evacuated the death camp and were walking, amidst the snowy rural Poland, the ‘death marches’, yet looking ahead towards freedom.

WE REMEMBER the 6.000.000 Jews, amongst whom the 67.000 Greek Jews, victims of the Nazi atrocities, who were deported, tortured and brutally murdered in the German concentration and extermination camps around Europe. Our relatives, our friends, our neighbors.

WE REMEMBER the Righteous among the Nations, all those who put their own lives in danger and contributed to the rescue of their fellow citizens who were persecuted only because they were born Jewish. Those who enlightened with their humanism the darkness of and Nazism.

WE RESPECT those who managed to come out alive from the hell of Auschwitz and the other extermination camps, who are still standing by us, as living witnesses of the horrors they suffered and leaders of the fight against Holocaust denial.

WE GET OPTIMISTIC when teachers and students visit places of martyrdom, when they see, listen, read, learn. This is the “light” of remembrance so that humanity never forgets all inhuman atrocities of the Holocaust, so that we transmit the universal message against intolerance and antisemitism.

Athens, January 26, 2022

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece


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