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Thursday, 31 March 2022 08:33

The Municipality of Arta and the Music-Literature Association of Arta, "Skoufas", honored in 2022 the day of the arrest of the Arta Jews on March 26, that is exactly 78 years after the most massive loss of the city’s human resources in the 20th century.

The events began on Saturday morning 26.3.2022 with a walk-in locations of Jewish interest with the researcher of the history of the former Jewish Community of Arta, Theocharis Vadivoulis.

This was followed by the ceremony at the Holocaust Memorial which included a memorial service conducted by the Athens Rabbi, Gabriel Negrin and greetings of dignitaries.

After the speech of the Mayor of Arta, Christos Tsiroyiannis, the Mayor and the children of the late Isaac Mizan, Anna and Joseph, unveiled the Isaac Mizan Street, which starts from the Jewish Martyrs Square, where the Holocaust Memorial of Arta is located.

Isaac Mizan was the last Arta survivor of the Holocaust, one of the thirty Arta Jews who returned from Auschwitz. 450 Jews of the city were deported and brutally killed in the Nazi camps.

The presence of the late Isaac Mizan’s children at the ceremony was particularly moving, as his daughter, Anna Mizan in her speech, referred to how proud her father was of his origin, as well as to the arrest of the Jews of Arta. Addressing the Mayor of Arta, she stressed: "We, his children, would like to thank you for the immense honor to our father but also all those who were arrested and never returned.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you, the people of Arta, who with your effort, have contributed to the preservation of the memory".

After the unveiling of the Street, speeches by officials and ordinary citizens ensued and wreaths were laid at the Holocaust Memorial. The ceremony ended with the recoil of the National Anthem.

This was followed by the March of Remembrance through the Jewish Quarter towards Kilkis Square, at the point where the Nazi occupation forces gathered the arrested Arta Jews, before their deportation to the death camps.

Apart from the resounding messages emitted by the remembrance events, they are also a note of optimism, as it seems that the young generation is particularly sensitive to issues related to the preservation of the memory of the Holocaust and actively participates in organized actions.

Characteristic is the participation of the students of the 1st professional high school of Arta, who after the laying of wreaths with lit candles, symbolically called the names of The Arta Jews who were exterminated.

Also, the children of the music school of Arta sang the ode "Le kol ish yesh shem", "every man has a name", on the main pedestrian street of the city, just a few meters before the Orfeas cinema, today's Kronos hotel, where the Nazis rounded up the Arta Jews before they were deported to Auschwitz.

The secretary general of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, Victor Is. Eliezer, thanked the students of the 1st professional high school and the music school of Arta for their participation in the event and offered the book “Young people in the Maelstrom of occupied Greece - The Persecution and the Holocaust of the Jewish People 1943-1944” to the library of their schools.

The events were attended by the Metropolitan of Arta, Mr. Kallinikos, the Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Georgios Stylios, the representative of SYRIZA MP of Arta, Olga Gerovasili, the representative of KINAL MP of Arta, Christos Gokas, the deputy regional governor of Arta, Vassilios Psathas, the Mayor of Arta, Christos Tsirogiannis, the Mayor of Ioannina and the president of the Jewish Community of Ioannina, Moses Elisaf, the deputy Consul General of Germany in Thessaloniki, Karsten Mueller, representatives of the Jewish Communities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Chalkida, as well as many other people.   



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