Announcement for the new Greek cabinet reshuffle Print
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 12:29
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece expresses the Greek Jewry’s strong resentment for the participation in the new cabinet of a politician [MP Makis Voridis] who has expressed xenophobic and intolerant views in the past and -until a couple of years ago- had been an executive member of a party that had repeatedly endorsed racist and extreme anti-Semitic views.

It is our firm belief that participation in the Government should not be used to obliterate the political course of a politician whose attitude and ideology have afflicted democracy.
The goal should be to send a strong message of brave and determined attitude, leaving no space for misinterpretations and short-term political expediency, in order to build a solid, firm and effective front against racism, intolerance, anti-Semitism and the followers of Nazism.
Given the alarming results of the recent elections in Greece, which indicate that the policy and the efforts undertaken so far by the Government to combat these phenomena have proved to be insufficient, we express the hope that such efforts will be significantly enhanced.
The Greek Jewry is confident that the Greek Government, as well as all the democratic political parties in our country will not allow anyone to endanger or -even worse- violate the fundamental principles of equality and respect of the citizens regardless of their race, skin color or religion.
Athens, June 11, 2014
Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece
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