Thursday, 07 August 2014 12:32
It is a fact that the war in Gaza has caused pain and grief for the loss of many innocent lives that –in most of the cases- were used as human shields by the terrorist groups of Hamas in order to trigger international condemnation against Israel. The larger the number of victims, the bigger the operation to demonize the very existence of the State of Israel. This campaign is undertaken by several Greek ‘journalists’ who do not hesitate to compare Gaza to Auschwitz and the Israelis to the Nazis. They choose to incriminate Israel for a war that Hamas has declared and for the crime against the Palestinian people that the same Hamas is being committing. Yet, they forget that shouldn’t Israel have the means to protect its own citizens (shelters, Israeli made anti-missile systems etc), there would have been thousands of victims caused by the nearly 4.000 rockets launched by Hamas against civilians. Thus, Hamas is untouchable to these writers. Alongside with the fanatic Jihadists who are immune to criticism while they spread terror and death (among Muslim and Christian polulations) in Iraq, Syria, Sudan and elsewhere. Hypocrisy unfold in all its magnitude which, nevertheless, reveals their anti-Semitic rage.
Criticism of the policy of a government can be strongly condemning. Nevertheless, distortion of historical truth, unacceptable comparisons and the strategy of the ‘one and only guilty part’ (the State of Israel) constitute an orchestrated operation to delegitimize the right of the Israeli people to exist on the land of Israel, which consequently leads to the delegitimization of the right of the Jews to exist as equal members of the society and the country chosen to live in. This is anti-Semitism.
We are deeply concerned about the unexpected outburst of historical-like articles, inspired by the age-long traditional racist propaganda, that are purely anti-Semitic.
Blackmailing insinuations, that we attribute anti-Semitic intention to all critics of Israel, will not prevent us from characterizing such articles as hideous anti-Semitism.  Nevertheless, we do hope that readers can see the distinct line between political analysis and vulgar anti-Semitic propaganda.
In its previous announcement (dated July 16, 2014), the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece has expressed the Greek Jewry’s grief over the loss of life of every innocent person, either Israeli or Palestinian, and has taken a stand for a political solution that would guarantee the safe living of the Israeli citizens in the State of Israel, along with the foundation of an independent Arab Palestinian State, side-by-side with Israel.  
Athens, August 7, 2014
Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece