Monday, 26 November 2018 12:52
The Historical Museum of Ioannina Ch. Nikolaou is housed in the listed mansion located at Neoptolemou Str. 9 opposite the main gate of the castle and was erected in 1900.

Its collections are the result of a multi-year study, research and search for historical objects with high technical aesthetic and semantic characteristics.

It focuses mainly on evidence from the city of Ioannina and the wider Greek area during the late Ottoman period in order to bring the public in direct contact with the aesthetics of the multicultural, multilingual and multireligious character of the time.

The exhibits highlight individual differences between religious communities as well as the development of a pandemic style in various aspects of craft and artistic creation.

The architecture of the building with the "hayat" and the traditional wooden ladder harmonizes with the exhibits, depicts the style of the era, composing a complete picture, and offers a unique atmospheric experience for the visitor.

The museum structure and collections were built on the basis of usability, technical and religious features to provide the public with information and data from the wide cultural spectrum and social structure of the city.

The town of Ιoannina was a great artistic and commercial center of the time, so the visitor has the opportunity to see exquisite silver jewelery, buckles, weapons, useful items. Ceramics from various pottery workshops, Beikos crystals and elaborate utensils.

Gold-embroidered costumes, embroidery, seals, documents, coins, medals, tobacco items, items from the baths of the era (hamam) oil paintings and stoneware.

During the tour of the museum, many unique items are also exhibited, such as the costume of pasha of Ioannina with the three golden stars embroidery at the beginning of the 19th century, the scepter with the diamond inlay and a beautiful “criodiri” depicting St. George killing the dragon, the religious objects of the Muslims and objects from the Jewish community.

The exhibition includes objects from the Ch. Nikolaou collection and other artistic, museum collections are periodically presented.

Exhibition areas are being developed on the two floors of the building.