Friday, 26 July 2013 13:09

The Sejm, the Polish Parliament, recently voted to make the kosher preparation of meat, the backbone of Jewish dietary laws, ILLEGAL. This means that Poland has become the first country in Europe since the end of World War II to ban shechita – kosher slaughter.

In effect, Poland’s Jews have been told “you cannot practice your religion.” Or, more precisely, “you cannot live here.”

Poland was home to Europe's largest Jewish community before the outbreak of the war in 1939. The Holocaust all but wiped it out. In July 1946, Poles murdered Jews who had survived the Nazi death camps in a pogrom in the city of Kielce. Today only a few thousand Jews remain in Poland.
We cannot allow this kind of anti-Semitism in Poland to stand. Not this time! Not today! The Sejm has spoken. Now it’s our turn!
We have been here before – and we know what comes next. This is just one more attempt to end Jewish culture and end Jewish traditions … one more attempt to make it impossible for Jews to continue living in what was once the vibrant Jewish community in Poland.
Please sign the International Letter of Outrage right now and help the WJC put pressure on Poland, as only WJC can, to repeal this ban on one of the most sacred of Jewish laws.

The religious freedom of Jews must be restored in Poland, and they must be protected throughout the world. This is critical… a movement that begins with the outlawing of shechita is virtually guaranteed to adversely affect not only the Jews of Poland but, eventually, Jewish communities everywhere.
Take action now – stand with the World Jewish Congress and show your solidarity for Poland’s Jews

Thank you.

Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder